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Save the Disadvantaged foundation

Save The Disadvantaged Foundation (SDF) is a registered Charity, Non-Governmental organization incorporated in Uganda with the core objectives; To impart skills, knowledge, and other social welfare activities aimed at young people and other vulnerable and disadvantaged groups needed to engage peacefully and effectively for sustainable development of communities.

To empower young mothers and street children through entrepreneurship skills/training. Provide shelter to orphans and the homeless young mothers, Promote education through the construction of education centers and carry out nationwide training aimed at imparting skills and proficiency enhancement for young women, orphans, disabled, refugees, and other vulnerable groups about developmental and income-generating projects, Carryout concerns over issues of the displaced persons and refugees, Establish and manage projects for children, orphans, widows, women and other disadvantaged people.

Help someone’s dream come true

Join the community to give education for children

Fundraising experience for your donors

Helping each other can make world better

For all of our programs in Uganda, we locate villages and towns in need via our Board members and volunteers living in the areas.We then explain our programs and allow them to select what their community most needs.

Health Awareness

SDF works collaboratively with partners and local people to transform community health and well-being

Supporting women &
young people

Through our Disaster Preparedness and Response Fund (DPRF), we are able to allocate targeted funding where it is needed most

Supporting people
with disabilities

We’re reducing their sense of isolation and sharing disability-specific guidance on health, including how to maintain hygiene