Our Vision:

Transformed and empowered communities for sustainable Development and better livelihood

Our Mission:

Promote children and women rights, hands-on skills-knowledge for job creation, and safe health communities.






We Can Help The Poors

Save The Disadvantaged Foundation (SDF)

Welcome to the Save the Disadvantaged Foundation (SDF), where we believe in nurturing potential, empowering the vulnerable, and creating a better future for those in need. We’re a registered charity based in Uganda, on a mission to uplift and develop communities, with a special focus on young individuals and disadvantaged groups. We champion causes close to our hearts—education, entrepreneurship, health, and advocacy—seeking a world where everyone, irrespective of their circumstances, gets a fair shot at success. Will you join us on this life-changing journey?

Rebuilding lives for futures

Get Involved and support this noble cause

Change isn’t a spectator sport. At SDF, we invite you to roll up your sleeves and dive in. Donate, volunteer, participate in our events or partner with us—there’s no shortage of ways to contribute. Let’s join hands and make a difference, one step at a time.

Remember, the greatest stories are not just those of individuals rising above adversity, but of those reaching back to lend a hand to others still struggling. And in this tale of transformation and resilience, you too can play a pivotal part. Welcome to SDF, where together, we save the disadvantaged.

One man, many efforts.


To promote Socio-Economic Transformation of disadvantaged communities.
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Increase awareness for people basic needs and rights


Stay in the loop with the whirlwind of activities at SDF.
From project kick-offs and milestone celebrations to community gatherings and public awareness campaigns, there's always something happening. Get a glimpse of our journey, the lives we touch, and the ripples of change we create.
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Values & Principles

  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • Team work
  • Inclusiveness and equal participation.
  • Gender equity and equity
  • Pro-poor driven
  • Transparency, accountability and selflessness
  • Independent, participatory and non-partisan
  • Networking and information sharing with all stakeholders
  • Mutual respect, impartially and trust
  • Competence and professionalism